I was a curious child, often losing myself to daydream. I found shelter in my world of muted tones, peace shrouded me, muffling the blare of reality.
Being inquisitive in nature opened doors to the wonders constantly about me. It was just a matter of adjusting my view.

My Grandparents home held a treasure. Standing tall and inviting, amongst discarded bric-à-brac was the Dolls House. It was built with meticulous care to detail, and armed with a key to every Childs heart. I’ld been encouraged to sit silently and observe.
Didn’t I know, “This is where the faeries live”!

Every visit, hours upon hours I sat transfixed, breath held, eyes wide. Did I see?

Yes-I soaked up the changing of light, the interaction and dance between dark shadow and piercing sun rays. Teeny dust particles lit like diamonds, delicately falling in miniature meteor showers. Arcs of colour, refracted from tiny leaded windows. The gentlest creaks and stretches of his old wooden frame, as he breathed in and out with the ever changing temperature.
Did I see faeries,, but I saw wonder. You see wonder is all about us if we just allow ourselves the time to still our souls.

My journey now brings me here, to the now.
Fortunately my childhood observer walked beside me through to adulthood. I continually strive to be present, open eyed, and seeing. Every day I’m a little astonished at the “insignificant“ . So armed with a camera, my dream-catcher, I’m able to share the images I see in my minds eye.
So I share my imagery for the curious, the rule breakers, to those who just need to take comfort in the


...........Oddly Beautiful.

The Edge Of Elsewhere.

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